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Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts is part venue, part recording studio, part art gallery!  Located at 1905 Kentucky Ave in Winter Park, Fl, this unique new space offers live performances most evenings, state of the art recording equipment, and gallery space.  We cater to jazz, classical, and world music, theater, dance, and spoken word.  The venue is also available for private parties. Please browse the schedule for tickets or call  407-636-9951 for more information.  

We have limited seating so we encourage guests to purchase tickets in advance.  Tickets will be available at the door, but are limited to our capacity.  Most shows begin at 8PM and our doors open at 7.  We offer drink service, including beer and wine, but no food.  Please check the schedule at our shows link above.

If you would like to donate to the center, please click on the Donate Button below.  All donations are tax deductible.  Blue Bamboo Center For the Arts Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.

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Never Give Up! 

Never give up your creative pursuits, never let a rejection deter your resolve. The only thing quitting guarantees' is that nothing will happen.
All successful artists have dealt with lots of rejection in the course of their careers. It comes with the territory. This is why the arts are such a great developmental tool for young people. It teaches them to be able to accept and deal with criticism and to honestly evaluate their own performance.  

Unlike entertainment, there is no substitute for competence in the arts. You don't get a gold star for just showing up and it takes hard work and discipline to be successful. Sure, not everyone can be a Mozart, a Picasso or a Margaret Atwood, but almost anyone with drive and a commitment to excellence can create meaningful art to enrich their own lives and share with the world. It takes study, resolve, practice and the willingness to accept criticism and failure on the road to success.

There really is no short cut and if they tell you you're a genius and an overnight success, well, it's probably just bullshit. Enduring, quality art is a long term commitment. Your feelings will get hurt and your ego will get bruised, but it's worth it.

Mark Piszczek

Join the movement, feel the love! - Mark Piszczek - Composer 

This past week I was honored to have my composition, Songs From The Gulf Of Sorrows, on the same program with Beethoven's epic 9th. Symphony, performed by The Brevard Symphony Orchestra. It was an interesting weekend of music and of experiencing the different levels of meaning that it held for people. I saw professionals and amateurs in performance, separately and together. To the highly educated and skilled professionals, it was a calling, a passion and a career. To the amateurs, it was highly rewarding, life affirming and fun. To the audiences, it was a great many things to many people; to some it was naptime.

I commented to a friend that singing in the chorus for things like the Beethoven 9th., The Bach B Minor Mass, The Messiah and so many other great works, makes you a better person. She asked me why? I said, because it connects a person with some of humanities greatest achievements in a very personal way. Most people can't just pick up a paintbrush and paint the Mona Lisa, Starry night or Guernica, or go out into the garage and create a fusion reactor or cure for cancer, but THEY CAN join a community chorus and help bring some of the greatest music ever created to life.

It makes you know, not just believe, that humans are capable of so much more than just greed, destruction and mayhem. It's the same for music education in our schools. Playing in an ensemble and stretching the limits of your abilities to perform truly great and enduring music profoundly changes you as a person. Even if it's too difficult for students and amateurs to execute perfectly, it's the process of trying to do something monumental that builds determination, patience, intellect, love and lifelong friendships.

Blue Bamboo at Mead Gardens! 

Mark your calendars on Nov. 15th. 3-5 PM and come on out to Mead Gardens and hear a fantastic concert by to support the upcoming, Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts. Featuring: Chris Cortez, Mark Piszczek, Selloane, Marc Clermont, Jerry Bravo, Eddie Marshall, Ed Krout, Jeremy Fratti, Dean Fransen, Steve Smith, Jeff Green, Steve Luciano, Tony Castillo, Don Soledad, Jon Warcholac, and more. Fabulous music for a great cause, building a home for the performing arts right here in Winter Park! 


Why Should You Listen To Jazz and Classical Music? 

Why should you listen to classical music or jazz? Well, because it is some of the greatest music on the planet and in human history, that's a good reason, but even more important than that, because you DESERVE IT! It will allow you to experience music on a creative scale far greater than commonly found in the music of pop culture or as of late, even on NPR. Think of it as reading great literary books as opposed to pop fiction. Music that is rife with multiple layers of meaning, a developed narrative with plot twists and new things to discover every time you hear it. Music with a fine attention to craft, detail and structure. Music that is a paradigm for what we hope the world could be like, a large group of diverse instruments with all their strengths and weaknesses, working together in concert to create something beautiful. Sure it might take some getting used to since the pieces are frequently longer that a pop song, but get out of the shallow end of the pool, put your grown-up pants on and listen. It may very well change your life!

A New Home For The Arts 

Join us Nov. 15th from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM in scenic Mead Gardens for "A Place Called Home". This will be a great show for a even greater cause, building a great home for the great artists of Central Florida and beyond! We will feature some the area's biggest musical stars in a beautiful setting. Wine and snacks are available. Here's the link for tickets:

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