Blue Bamboo's annual jazz festival is a 4 day celebration. Most shows feature 2 different groups, and we try to present something new each year. This year features a diverse group of artists, some local and some touring internationally.

Thursday, 9/14 @8PM

Chris Cortez is well known to the Blue Bamboo audience, as he is the creator/owner of the venue, and plays the weekly Thursday Night Hang, along with other solo or duo guitar shows. His quartet features Walt Hubbard, Doug Mathews, and Ed Krout playing original music from his many chart topping CDs.  Follow this link to read more about Chris Cortez and Friends.

Alain Bradette is a featured performer with Cirque Du Soleil and also leads his own quartet featuring Thomas Milovac, Walt Hubbard, and Bob Thornton.  Follow this link to read more about the Alain Bradette Quartet.

Friday, 9/15 @8PM

Originally from Chicago, John Redfield is a virtuoso pianist that has been blowing Bamboo audiences away for the last year or so. In John's playing the influence of piano masters like Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly, and Art Tatum can be heard. Follow this link to read more about John Redfield.  

Septessence is a brand new local band featuring members of UCF's Flying Horse Big Band, led by bassist Nashir Janmohamed.  We're proud to have hosted their premier performance at Blue Bamboo. Follow this link to read more about Septessence.

Saturday, 9/16 @8PM

Chris Cortez's solo shows are a completely different atmosphere from his quartet and quintet shows. Featuring just an acoustic guitar, amazing playing, bluesy vocals, and a handful of stories from the road, Chris takes you on an intimate journey of virtuosity, wisdom, and humor.

Blues Beatles are a group from Brazil who play Beatles songs in a Chicago Blues style. That may sound crazy, but it works in the most amazing ways. The familiar melodies work perfectly in this setting, and the group delivers high energy, rocking versions of your favorite Beatle tunes in a way you never imagined them.  Follow this link to learn more about Blues Beatles.

Sunday, 9/17 @3PM

The Orlando Jazz Orchestra has been performing at Blue Bamboo since our opening 7 years ago. One of the most polished, professional big bands you will hear anywhere in the world, this group features the best musicians our area has to offer. Led by the talented drummer Greg Parnell, OJO shows are filled with wonderful music, and informed by Greg's fascinating presentations about the history of each tune. Follow this link to learn more about the Orlando Jazz Orchestra.

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