If you are interested in performing at BBCFA, please read the following -

About Our Venue

BBCFA is a 110 seat, concert-hall style venue, as opposed to a nightclub or saloon.  The shows are all sit-down, ticketed, concert events, usually 2, 50-60 minute sets, with a 20-30 minute intermission.  Think of a theater with great acoustics like Carnegie Hall or Jazz at Lincoln Center, but on a smaller scale, far less formal, and far more affordable. 

On the outside, a converted warehouse.  Inside, studio quality sound, a beautiful gallery filled with priceless works of art, great acoustics, theatrical lighting, and sight lines from every seat in the house.


We make our money primarily from ticket sales, not concessions, and we are only open for about 3-4 hours at a time.  There is very little walk-up business.  Our customers go to the website, view the links the groups provide, and based on their impressions, buy a ticket... or not.  

There are basically 4 types of deals -

Flat rate - TBD

Percentage of ticket sales - TBD

Guarantee plus percentage of sales over a pre set split point - X amount plus ___% over Y amount.

Rental - client keeps 100% of ticket sales, if any.

If you play competing events in the area, too close to your event at our place, your sales will suffer here, so we usually ask for some kind of lock out clause for traveling groups, and we ask that local groups manage their appearances in the area so as not to conflict.   30 days before and 30 days after, is not unusual for traveling groups. 


We do extensive promotion, but also rely heavily on the group’s own social media and email marketing efforts for any successful event.  Promotion is a partnership with the act.  If the act is not engaged, sales will suffer.  We receive support from several local radio stations and provide artists with a media list of local contacts to send press releases and show announcements.


Because of the nature of the room’s design, the audience will be quiet and attentive… remarkably so.  All the chairs face the stage, not each other.  The house lights go down, and stage lights come up, and everything works together to create a proper listening environment.  They are just feet away from the stage, so a reasonable stage volume is a must.  If you talk off the mic, they can hear you.


Before I hire an act, the first question I ask myself is “would I buy a ticket to this event?”  I tend to favor low volume groups, although some groups do successfully push the volume envelope.  Groups that use dynamics extensively, do very well.

Our audience is discerning. They’ve been fed a constant diet of greatness. In other venues you may have to rely on commercial concerns, but virtuosity, authenticity, and honest originality … these are the tools that will serve you best here.  Be YOU and deliver the honest show you’ve always wanted to do, without having to pander.

Above all, have a great time.  I built it for you. 

I don't accept submissions by phone, due to the large number of calls I receive.  To arrange a booking for your group, please send promotional material to cortezguitar@earthlink.net.  I will respond as soon as possible.  Many thanks.



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