Belmont and Jones with Opening Act by Terri Binion

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Terri Binion opens the show for Americana Acoustic Blues musicians Belmont and Jones.

Terri writes her Americana ballads with deep-seeded honesty, love, heartache, truth, hope and a sense of looking forward.

"Two songs in and it was clear, Lucinda (Lucinda Williams) sang on this unknown's record because she understood that Terri was a magic person--someone who not only followed her own compass, but who was guided by stars not visible to the average eye." -- Southern gothic songwriter, Film maker, author, artist, Jim White.

Belmont and Jones perform the pre-electric blues songbook with the integrity, frankness, brilliance, and humor with which it was performed by the great musicians who wrote and sang it. They don’t just memorialize a time in American music that influenced everything that was to come. They bring it alive. In so doing they reconnect the wellspring of the blues to the mainstream of American music. -- Joel Zoss, songster and bluesman

Belmont & Jones play original music and blues from “the well” of traditional blues. This is not urbanized or electrified blues, but music that has virtually slipped into oblivion. Both seasoned musicians and songwriters in many styles of music, their music takes us back in time to when the blues were pure and simple, and soulfully true. -- Debbie Dixon, Sopchoppy Concerts

I could listen to these guys all night. -- Bill Sheffield, Blues Player

Belmont & Jones is the stage moniker for a superb, Tallahassee-based country-blues duo who conjure early blues greats such as Memphis Minnie and Charley Patton. Both partners are strong, natural singers. Their repertoire ranges from familiar staples to obscure gems, and their originals sound authentic enough to have emanated from an old 78. -- Bob Weinberg, Jazz & Blues Florida magazine

Belmont and Jones is the best traditional, country blues duo performing today. With every lick on his guitar, you can tell that Belmont has blues in his bones. Jones has one of the most beautiful blues voices I have ever heard. And listening to the two of them together is a unique blues experience that will move any blues lover. -- George Mitchell, Blues Documentarian

Belmont and Jones play blues, and they sit down to do it. Some of these blues were first sung a century ago, and some of them were born last week. Some blues as deep as the dreamt memory of a flood and some as koo-koo as a boar hog strolling upright through a chandelier store. Listen close and you’ll hear the best guitar duo this side of Geechie and Elvie or Minnie and Joe. Belmont and Jones play blues, and they will not let your hambone spoil. -- Walker Paramore, musician

Belmont and Jones are accomplished and authentic -- no baloney. They speak and sing and play directly to the audience and make you connect. -- Peggy Adair, Tallahassee Blues Society

Lord have mercy. This duo always reminds me of why I love the blues: the lyrics' expression of the joys & sorrows of the human condition, and (mostly) that low-in-the-belly feeling that only the blues provokes. -- Ellen Hamby, Atlanta concert host

Belmont & Jones are the real thing -- consummate musicians playing classic blues from Ma Rainey to Sleepy John Estes to Memphis Minnie and more. Their renditions are at times soul deep, and at other times laugh-out-loud funny! Hepzibah's voice is astounding -- strong, flexible and beautiful. Hepzibah plays a variety of creative instruments throughout the sets, and peppers her performances with a delightful sly humor. -- Annette Parker Sherman, musician