Leprechaun Napkins

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Leprechaun Napkins are a 4-man, “feather-power” quartet from the lost island of Caspiar. They specialize in Casparian folk music from the 4th century, but sadly there is no such thing, so they wander around the country sleeping on the couches of friends. Coincidentally, “Couches of Friends” is the name of their new CD, which the New York Times called, “a 2019 release.”

Latka, the group’s leader was driving a Taxi in New York when he met Simka and Alex. When their attorney Louie, advised them to stop pretending to be characters from an old sitcom, they were forced to form an act. Very quickly they found a gig playing at the Wendy’s on 17-92. They made quite an impression! Several people seemed to be listening until the manager told them to buy something or leave.

Since then, “Couches of Friends” has almost been heard on several radio stations, and was almost reviewed, but the guy never called back.

A fan was quoted as saying “Buy a ticket or I will come to your house and show you my weird toe.”

WARNING - this band may change it's name frequently! Featuring - Chris Cortez, Ed Krout, Chuck Archard, and Paul Parker.