Judy Platt Jazz

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

A night of jazz with Judy Platt on vocals; Greg Parnell on drums; Chuck Archard on bass and Ed Krout on piano.

Judy Platt was born in Florida and grew up listening to the great American songbook and southern gospel. She says,"My parents turned on the radio every morning and I heard it all day. I started singing in the choir as soon as they'd let me and sang my first solo at age 6." She started performing professionally at age 18 and has been at it ever since. "I had the most wonderful job at Walt Disney World in Florida for 13 years! I got to sing, dance and act in everything and travel the world!" In 1995 she moved to California with her husband Bill. For 5 years she was a guest vocalist at the Pori Jazz Festival in Pori, Finland where she had the honor of performing with some of the greats - James Moody, Mercer Ellington, Marion Petrescu, Onder Focan, to name a few. Her favs here in CA are Jeff Colella, Chris Colangelo, Gabe Davis and Bruce Forman.

Outside of music Judy is a passionate, tree hugging recycler and lover of animals, especially cats.
She and Bill (yes, he loves them too) have 5: Rufus, Sassafras, Priscilla, Rusty & Thelonious - The Platt Jazz Cats!