Orlando Jazz Orchestra - A Tribute to Woody Herman

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

The Orlando Jazz Orchestra performs the music of Woody Herman. The program will include music from Herman's very long career, including Woodchopper's Ball, Caldonia, Early Autumn, Four Brothers, Opus De Funk and many others. This is sure to be an exciting show.

Leading a group called "The Herd," and sometimes billed as "The Band That Plays The Blues," Woody Herman was one of the most popular bandleaders of the 1930s and '40s.

The First Herd's lively, swinging arrangements combined bop themes with swing rhythm parts. Despite being his only financially successful band, Herman was forced to disband the orchestra in 1946 at the height of its success. In 1947, Herman organized the Second Herd also known as "The Four Brothers Band." Although a tremendous musical success, the 2nd Herd was a financial disaster and was disbanded in 1949. Herman's other bands include the Third Herd (1950–1956) and various editions of the New Thundering Herd (1959–1987). His band's book in the late '60s and '70s came to be heavily influenced by rock and Jazz Fusion.

Herman continued to perform into the '80s, after the death of his wife and his health declining, chiefly to pay back taxes caused by an incompetent manager in the '60s. In 1987 Woody Herman received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Orlando Jazz Orchestra's Music Director, Greg Parnell, is the former road manager and drummer for the Glenn Miller Orchestra. He has also performed with The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Les Brown’s Band of Renown, Nelson Riddle Orchestra as well as many other bands. Greg takes what he has learned from performing with these groups and applies it to produce these musical tributes in an authentic and respectful manner. The orchestra is made up of the best jazz musicians in Central Florida.