Terri Binion

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Here at the Blue Bamboo In May 2021, local songwriter, Terri Binion went out on a limb and dared to read her very first short stories accompanied by selected songs to a sold out room full of fans.

Pandemic era, stream of consciousness writing is what kept Binion sane and focused in the first year of COVID-19. This new medium and creative outlet turned out to be not just what she needed but her audience too. On the edge of their seats and in standing ovation, Terri and her listeners left the building both elevated and grounded.

When Terri returns to the stage at Blue Bamboo on Saturday, Feb 12th, she hopes to have the same effect. "South, Sideways and South Again; Stories, Songs and a Sense of Place" prompts us for what will surely fit the bill for anyone with a sense of wanderlust or perhaps for those that are just shifters by nature. Terri paints continuous imagery while reflecting on a life in motion through her own brand of story and song. Truth teller, word spinner, guitar plucking woman with nomadic dreams. If you love a good road trip and a good song in your ear, then come on!

"Two songs in and it was clear, Lucinda sang on this unknown's record because she understood that Terri was a magic person--someone who not only followed her own compass, but who was guided by stars not visible to the average eye." --Jim White, songwriter, outsider artist, filmmaker.

"This immensely personal group of songs has an intensity and honesty that is hard to neglect. It is not just raw emotion on display here though. The fine songwriting is beautifully detailed and captivating arrangements permeate the album. And it is not bitter and depressing, there is hope and a sense of looking forward."—Rob Dickens, No Depression

"The drift, naturally, is a little heavier this time. But one thing her music has always been able to do was produce a diamond from all that world weight. And in true Binion fashion, this album reaches ever harder for hope."— Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly

https://youtu.be/FVtIsiytaKU. Tiny Little Landmines music video.

https://youtu.be/eDev0S9lt08 Pall Mall Cigarette music video.


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