JazzPro Monster Series 8/8/22

Larry Williams' Monktet

When musicians compliment each other, they use the term “monster.”  It’s the highest praise.  It means you are playing at the top of your game. ”

The MONKTET began in the late 70's as the brainchild of L.A. based musician, arranger, and educator, John Magruder. (1925-2003). Then named the Magruder Monktet, John supplied arrangements of both the music of Thelonious Monk, and his own original pieces, as a way for he and his friends to get together and play weekly, with a few performances around L.A.

After John's passing in 2003, his widowed wife Joy carried on the regular rehearsals in their home in Sherman Oaks. She later passed the band over to husband Larry Williams, who has now brought the music to Orlando.

Larry's partial discography includes:

The TRUMPET ALBUMS 1987- Live Concerts w/ The Leading Brand (Jazz/ Fusion) 1988- Emotional (Adult Contemporary) 1992- Band Among the Wine (Jazz Fusion) Recorded live at Dexter's 1993- A Time To Play (Jazz) w/Ira Sullivan 2001- The Bridge (Jazz) 1st L.A. recording 2006- A Holly Dali Christmas (Jazz) 2006- The LAQT "Arising Sessions" live concerts. 4 cds (Jazz Fusion) 2006- The LAQT studio album (Jazz Fusion) 2008- An Afternoon at Ric's (Jazz) 2009- A Little Trumpet For My Dad (Jazz) 2009- Wilmon Will, Tales of Wilmon (Alternative) SOUNDTRACKS, movie cue/commercial 1996- Tapestry 1999- And The Angels Were Dancing (Christmas) EWI Albums 2009- Dogg Mansion- Live at The Baked Potato (Jazz Fusion) 2011- Dogg Mansion (9pc EWI lead ensemble) (Jazz Fusion) 2012- Dogg Mansion, American Gothic (Jazz Fusion) 2022 Cortez/Williams Project, Hermanos.

GUITAR/VOCAL 2012- Photographs (vocal, Indie Rock) 2014- Hummingbirds (vocal, Indie) 2014- Every Finger Tells A Story (Solo Guitar) 2015- Tattoos and Sketches (Free Improvisation) 2017- Song For My Lady (Classical Compositions for Duo, Quartet and solo guitar) CLASSICAL 1997- Works For Piano (Classical Solo Piano compositions) 2015- LW Ensemble One (Various chamber/orchestral compositions) 2016- LW Ensemble Two (Various chamber/orchestral compositions) 

The Monktet will be appearing at Blue Bamboo on August 8, 2022.

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