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Souljam 3/21/2020 

Link to Video

Running time - 1:01:50


Souljam joins us for an all original, online pay per view concert event.

Souljam is a rock/soul jam band featuring Will Keehner on bass; Anna Keehner on lead vocals & guitar; Patrick Williams on drums; Brandon Putzke on percussion and John Carpenter on guitar & vocals.

The group plays select cover tunes in addition to writing and performing their own material. Even when playing material by other bands and writers, creativity and self expression lie at Souljam's core. They may hover within the parameters familiar to fans of classic rock or those acquainted with Phish, the Grateful Dead and the Tedeschi Trucks Band, but their listeners are stimulated by Souljam's new and exciting arrangements.

Terri Binion and Beth McKee 3/20/2020

Link to Video pt 1

Running time 35:26

Link to Video pt 2

Running time 33:13

Terri Binion is an Orlando treasure!

Terri writes her Americana ballads with deep-seeded honesty, love, heartache, truth, hope and a sense of looking forward.

"Two songs in and it was clear, Lucinda (Lucinda Williams) sang on this unknown's record because she understood that Terri was a magic person--someone who not only followed her own compass, but who was guided by stars not visible to the average eye." -- Southern gothic songwriter, Film maker, author, artist, Jim White.

Beth McKee is the gestalt of all the places she’s settled. From her native Mississippi, where she learned the blues first hand from Malaco Records session musicians, to her immersion in the scenes of Austin, New Orleans, and now Orlando – all their musical terroir is in her sound. But those influences, too, have become less distinct in the distillation of Beth’s aesthetic. You’ll recognize the hues if you really wanna parse it. But if you just listen, you’ll hear a sound that is quintessentially Southern. It’s tapped from the roots and rolls like honey. 

Johny Carlsson and the Megabones Live

Link to Video

Running time:  58:13


Featuring - Pat Gulotta, Rick Abbott, Harold "Aitch" Johnson, Corey Paul (trombones), Will Nestler (bass-trombone), Johny Carlsson (piano), Charlie Silva (bass), Barry Smith (drums), Michelle Amato (vocal on #8).

1 - Just You and I

2 - Easy Peasy

3 - My Lovely One

4 - I Don’t Know ...

5 - Shoot

6 - Waltzing Bone-And

7 - Comin’ in From the Cold

8 - I Will Try Again – (Michelle)

9 - Swede Memories

10 - The Egg Hunt

11 - Saturday

12 - Laholm

13 - Your Romance

Blue Bamboo Assortment Vol 1

Link to Video

An assortment of full length, single song videos from Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, some were produced in studio, and some are live.  Featuring tracks from -

Chris Cortez - Aunt Nasty, Stern Language, The Iguana, 4:20
Carol Morgan - Melody's Milieu, Spirit of God
Dan Jordan - Art B, Hot Tea
Jack Graham - I Don't Want to Go Home

Running time 55:02

Ricky Sylvia and the Buzzcatz - Originals - Live

Link to Video

Running time - 18.23

A collection of Ricky Sylvia's original songs, performed by the Buzzcatz Live at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, from several different shows.

A Cat Like Me, A Way With Women, There Was A Time, South Beach Tonight, The Florida Song, Can't Tell Me About Rock and Roll

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