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February 2019


Blue Bamboo Music is the recording arm of Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, providing high quality recording services to the local arts community at affordable rates.  


Since our opening on July 18, 2017, we’ve been gradually upgrading instruments, equipment, and personnel, and expanding capability.  We offer cinematic, broadcast quality footage, and pristine multi-track audio, in an environment that makes you want to create, and with a staff that knows exactly what you need, because we’re performers too!


Last year, thanks to generous donations, we paid off the piano… a spectacular 6’8” Yamaha DC5, which has quickly become the favorite of the area’s top players, as well as people like Grammy-winning composer Bob James.


We also invested in a gorgeous, carved top, upright bass.  The rest of our backline, from bass, to drums, to guitar amps, are well known.  Even a vintage Hammond B3, with Leslie, should you happen to need one.   The centerpiece of the studio, and one of the most significant technical upgrades last year is the new mixing board.  The Allen and Heath SQ-7 digital console gives us 32 channels of crystal clear audio, running to a digital audio workstation, where we capture every moment at the highest resolutions, and are able to manipulate them in a state-of-the-art, digital realm, to your heart’s content.


Jeff Collins is an award winning photographer, who joined our crew last year.  His breathtaking close-ups bring the whole project together to new artistic heights, not possible with static, fixed camera angles.  He follows the action, and gets in tight, where no fixed camera can go.  The results are stunning.  When he joined the team, Jeff brought with him, additional DSLR cameras so that every shot is the highest possible quality, and we are now using up to six separate camera angles for every event.


The space itself is a component of any recording.  Ours has character.  It is intimate, yet live.   Room for an audience, but also a fully functioning sound stage, perfect for closed sessions too.  As an engineer, my specialty is recording musicians, playing and singing together in one room.   The concept of one big room sets us apart from most other recording studios, but it is by design.  The nature of the space makes videography possible from almost any angle, with no trade-off in audio quality, and the stage lighting is perfect for that purpose.  The best thing about the space though, is how it feels.  One musician sat down at their sound check and said “Guys!  Can’t you just feel that some really great music has been played here?”  If you’ve ever played on our stage, you know exactly what he meant.  That feeling is palpable, and it transfers to your recording.


Blue Bamboo is continuing to offer live, video recording packages at jaw-droppingly low prices, but as good as that value may be, the cost of filming a two hour, live event, with a full edit, may still be out of reach for some.   To address that need we also offer closed sessions.  Artists can enjoy the same great quality, but limit their time to just a few tunes, which can be mixed and edited the same day, for a fraction of the cost of a full length, live event.  We can also do recitals, CDs, and audition tapes for students, actors, and performers of all kinds.


Blue Bamboo Music provides operational support to BBCFA.  By supporting our studio, you are helping to ensure our non-profit performing arts center stays funded, even when donations fall below expected levels.  This can often make a significant difference in our work to bring performing arts to Winter Park, and we thank you for your support.  It is truly a labor of love.


Please consider doing your next recording and/or video project at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts.   Thank you for listening!


Please contact – Chris Cortez


Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts

1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park, Fl  32789.