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Roberto Menescal w/Daniela Soledade and Nate Najar

Roberto Menescal is a Brazilian composer, record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and pioneer of bossa nova. In many of his songs there are references to the sea, including his best-known composition "O Barquinho" ("Little Boat"). He is also known for work with Carlos Lyra, Nara Leão, Wanda Sá, Ale Vanzella, and many others. Menescal has performed in Latin music genres such as Música popular brasileira (Brazilian pop), bossa nova, and samba. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy for his work with his son's bossa group Bossacucanova in 2002 and received the 2013 Latin Recording Academy Special Awards in Las Vegas in November 2013

Daniela Soledade  "Singing in both Portuguese and English, Daniela Soledade's debut album displays her mastery of classic samba and bossa nova standards, with some pleasing surprises, including "Ninho." The entire album builds toward that original composition by demonstrating Soledade's mastery of the form and highlighting the pristine clarity of her vocals. That sort of skill makes sense, though, given her familial past..."  Downbeat Magazine

Nate Najar  

It has been 60 years since the release of Jazz Samba, the 1962 landmark album by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz that launched bossa nova in the United States and predated the best-selling Getz/Gilberto by two years. With Jazz Samba Pra Sempre (Jazz Samba Forever), guitarist Nate Najar pays homage to that groundbreaking album with a “reimagining” of those iconic seven tunes. Playing Charlie Byrd’s own instrument (a gorgeous-sounding 1974 Ramirez 1A nylon string classical guitar), Najar is joined by tenor saxophonist Jeff Rupert, bassist Herman Burney (playing Keter Betts’ bass played on the original Jazz Samba), keyboardist Patrick Bettison on Fender Rhodes electric piano and drummer Chuck Redd (previously of the Charlie Byrd Trio). Brazilian vocalist Daniela Soledade guests on two tracks, Joao Gilberto’s classic “O Pato" and Ary Barroso’s “É Luxo Só.” The results are as dreamy as they are exhilarating. 

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Roberto, Daniela, and Nate will be at Blue Bamboo on August 20,2022.

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