Ona Kirei and La Lucha

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Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Barcelona native Ona Kirei (vocalist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist), will be presenting the music of her new album 'Mirage' with the awarded trio La Lucha, in addition to songs with her duo project, Orilla, with bassist Alejandro Arenas.

Kirei's exceptional ability to move the listener's soul with her expressiveness and virtuosity, the extraordinary musicianship of La Lucha, and the chemistry that the four of them show on stage all combine to make their shows a unique experience with the ability to transform the listener.

Ona Kirei's music pushes stylistic boundaries of jazz through her multicultural influences, and showcases remarkable compositional and arranging skills while displaying a profound emotional connection. She is quite literally a citizen of the world, having lived in Spain, India, United Kingdom, and Austria, among other places.

To read more about Ona Kirei and La Lucha, and view videos, click here - https://bluebambooartcenter.com/ona-kirei-and-la-lucha