Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts presents a monthly series of concerts at the Winter Park Library! Please note that this show is being held at the Winter Park Library in conjunction with Blue Bamboo.

Terri Binion is Orlando Americana Royalty. She's an authentic southern singer-songwriter and guitarist, whose unflinchingly honest stories sung in her clear voice can just about pierce your heart.

Singer-songwriter, visual artist, and author Jim White wrote of a track on her 2002 album "Fool": "It was a discreet portrait of a poor lost soul, a destitute southern woman, an archetype. By the end I was in tears. It was that true, that beautiful, that perfectly wrought. Just Terri and an acoustic guitar. Two songs in and it was clear, Lucinda [Williams] sang on this unknown's record because she understood that Terri was a magic person--someone who not only followed her own compass, but who was guided by stars not visible to the average eye."

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