At Blue Bamboo, performer payments are justified through ticket sales, but rent, staff, equipment, utilities, and insurance are not. There is a funding gap every year.  This year our funding gap is $72,000.  That money is combined with board member donations and small grants to cover our overhead expenses every year.  A massive amount of time and energy goes to filling the gap, literally to keep a roof over our heads.  

To address that need, we’re asking “Friends of the Boo” to consider making a recurring donation of just $12 per month.  Our goal is for 500 people to donate that small amount to help close our funding gap this year.    

By the way, that works out to just $3 a week, or .40 a day.  ($144 per year) ... less than a cup of coffee per week, or a daily candy bar.  

Become a friend of the Boo today.  It is easy to do and makes a big difference in our community.  Thank you!


Alain Bradette

Shelli Browning

Raquel Carrasco

Max Case

Elizabeth Chadwick

Katherine Cortez

Robert D'Elia

Jeanette & Joel Dixon

Martin Drewes

William Enright

Victor Fontane

Douglas Glicken

Jack Graham

Michelle Mailhot

Terry Myers

Carla Page-Hays

William Paskert

MaryElla Poklemba

Don Sanderson

Kim Schaefer

Philip Snook

Judith Walsh

George Weremchuk


$10,001 +

Lynn Darcey

Jeff and June Flowers

Stephen Goldman

Bill and Kathleen Johnson

Corbin and Lee Ann Johnson

Paul Morgan

Peter and Francis Weldon


$2,501 - $10,000

Pritzker Traubert Foundation

Samuel Seymour

Ray Sturm

The Walt Disney Company Foundation




$501 - $2,500

Joan Agnew


John & Janette Basco

Mathew Joseph Basco

Larry & Jennifer Coates

Eileen and Perry Dworkin

Marcia Enos

Giving for All

Peter Gottfried

Kathleen Gallagher McIver

Network for Good

Maxine Reed

John and Jan Reker

Susan and Randolph Sailer

Mark D. Sauer

Maura & Marty Sullivan

Karen Wolf


$101 to $500

Millicent Adams


Margaret Banton

Catherine Bertini

Charlie Bertini

James Bertini

Marianne Bertini

Vincent Bristol

Robert Burns

Jim Denison

Dokken Charitable Fund, a Donor Advised Fund of U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Richard Drexler

Les Edwards

Phyllis Feiner

Florida Financial Strategies

James W. Goodrich

George Hawkins

Michael Henner

Sherrie Hershone

Walt Hubbard

Richard Kosch

Jeanne Kropf

Brent Kubasta

Elaine Kubasta

Steven Leonard

Sharon Lilley

Stephen Luciano

Doug Mathews

Bill Mays

Christine Moss

Ronald & Carrie Patterson

PayPal Giving Fund

John Perry

Marvin Phillips

Madeline Pots

Steven Silverstein

Charlie St Cyr Paul

Gerald Stockton

Heather Thorn

Mary Uithoven

Starr Vavrek

Franz & Marilee Vogt

Larry Williams

Nicki Wise


Up to $100

Jenna Ameera

Gifford Anglim

Chuck Archard

Ronald Armillei

Mark Aro

Robert Auclair

Tim Banks

Cindy Basco

Gina Bernardini

Terri Binion

Katie Birchenough

Robin Birkbeck

Sandy  Bitman

Bethany Borden

Carole Diane Bourne

James Buttolph

Robert Byron

James Cain

Nicola Cammisa

Jim Carling

Max Case

Marc Champagne

Marc Clermont

Elizabeth Clouatre

Barry Coffing

Arlene Colbert

Molly Cornell

Sandy Crawford

Joe Cumbey

Amanda Day

Janet Denniston

Jeffrey Dorfman

Dan Dorrill

Dana and Diana Eagles

Robert Ecke

Dorothy Fantle

Jennifer Field

Andrew Fortson

Robert Franklin

Hal Freedman

Kari  Gaffney

Luis Gandia

David Garrett

William and Nancy Gaver

Robert Gerstle

Natalie Gould

Rhonda Graf

Bob and Marylou Graham

Charlie Griffin

Janet Hall

Nancy Hall

Gwendolyn Hannans

Jonathan Hausheer

Joseph Hayes

Larry Hendrixson

Robert Henriquez

James Hetz

Wania Howard

Maia Hunt

Charlene Hyde

Linda Hyust

Linda Jacobchick

Teresa James

Raymond Johnson

Daniel Jordan

Sue Keck

Susan Kessler

Lyuba Khomutetsky

Dmitri Kurbatskiy

Jonathan LaFrance

Adam Landry

Ashley Leshem

Vicki Leslie

Beth Levin

Sylvia Linares

M A Lopez-Ben

Molly Losey

David MacDonald

Rich Malley

David Manson

Rob Massa

Beth McKee Music

Stephen Meister

Denise & Barry Meneghelli

Judy Mizro


Bill Murry

William H Murry

Cole NeSmith

Katie Nielsen-Nuñez

Margaret Nolan

Sharon Omens

Maurice O'Sullivan

Pete Owens

Christine Park

Maria Pironkova-Irwin

Ken Pritchard

Frederick Richards

Richard Rinner

Jesus Rios

Greg Ritz

Linda Rizzo

Carol Rocha

Chris Rottmayer

Philip Round

Steve Rowland

Phillip Rumsey

Lyle Saltzman

Dimas Sanchez

Carol Sanders

Don Sanderson

Jim Sawyer

Frank Schalkowski

Fred Schroyer

Patti Scott

Scott See

Nathan Selikoff

Elizabeth Sellas 

Martin Sensiper

Frederick Seward

Silver Clinic Cameras

Kathleen Skambis

Cynthia J. Skogsberg

Craig Smith

Marvin Sparks

Daniel Steding

Maureen Steger

Carol Stein

Charles Stivers

Douglas Stroup

James Sullivan

Tim Suraud

Ellen Tetlow

Jamieson Thomas

Sybil Rosen Thomas

Sunny Thompson

Roger Uithoven

Colleen Ulrich

Marilyn Verden

Andrei Vermont 

Bonnie Vetanze

Kevin Ward

George Weremchuck

Joy Williams

Zaida Zoller