CD Release Party!

Florida’s own (St. Petersburg) Nate Najar has enthralled audiences across the globe with his trademark and distinctive style of performing jazz on acoustic classical guitar. Continuing on his freewheeling journey as a true musical citizen of the world, he follows the release of his acclaimed 2016 album, "This is Nate Najar" with a warm, soulful, multi-faceted recording reflecting his enduring love for the City of Lights. "Under Paris Skies", (released Sept. 7) featuring Tommy Cecil on bass and Matt Home on drums, explores Najar’s passion for French song with a deeper commitment and purpose than ever before, and showcases the “rabbit hole” of research he did to curate a unique eclectic variety of pop, jazz and classical songs rarely re-imagined by an American jazz artist.

“Najar and his mates have created a gem with “Under Paris Skies.” - Jersey Jazz Journal

“Nate’s playing is quietly spectacular and the sound he gets out of his unamplified guitar is a gorgeous song itself.” - Jazz Lives

“One of the most consistently interesting and stylish young guitarists on the jazz scene.” - All Music Guide

“There is no doubt that there is a piece of Charlie’s soul in Nate’s mind, heart and fingers.” - Becky Byrd, wife of the late guitarist Charlie Byrd