Caesar Frazier East Coast Quartet

Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Pianist/organist Caesar Frazier presents a concert of his high-charted and commercially successful albums from 2017 and 2019, "INSTINCT" & "CLOSER TO THE TRUTH."

Caesar Frazier on Organ, Jeff Ruppert on Saxophone, Ryan Waszmer on Guitar and Barry Smith on Drums.

Born in New York City, raised, and educated in the South, Midwest, and West Coast, Caesar Frazier has spent his entire life since the age of fifteen, performing in bands, orchestras, and as a solo artist.

As a recording artist, Caesar recorded numerous albums as an instrumentalist and vocalist. Over the years he also has accompanied other artists as a studio musician.

One of the numerous highlights of his musical career include the time he spent traveling on mega concert tours as Marvin Gaye's keyboard accompanist. While working with Marvin and having personal conversations regarding musical concepts, the lessons learned left their foot print on his understanding of effective performance.

Caesar grew up hearing and being forever influenced by many of America's greatest artist that covered most all of the popular music genres. "I heard the greatest country artist, blues artist, rock and roll artist, rhythm and blues artist. And, loved it all."

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