Join us for our first ever online Pay Per View (PPV) concert event as we proudly present the music of Terri Binion and Beth McKee.

In an effort to offer some semblance of normalcy in this extraordinary time, we have scheduled this online event as we would any other concert. Advance tickets are on sale for $15 or $20 at time of event. Advanced ticket holders will be sent a special code via email to attend the online event. I hope you will join us for what is sure to be an extraordinary and emotional night of music. Thanks for supporting the arts.

Note: If you purchased a ticket for the live concert prior to March 14, 2020, you are invited to attend the online PPV event free of charge, and will receive the code to view the concert via email.

The event can be found at at 8PM Friday, March 20th. After that, it will continue to be available as a streaming Pay Per View event.

Terri Binion is an Orlando treasure!

Terri writes her Americana ballads with deep-seeded honesty, love, heartache, truth, hope and a sense of looking forward.

"Two songs in and it was clear, Lucinda (Lucinda Williams) sang on this unknown's record because she understood that Terri was a magic person--someone who not only followed her own compass, but who was guided by stars not visible to the average eye." -- Southern gothic songwriter, Film maker, author, artist, Jim White.

Beth McKee is the gestalt of all the places she’s settled. From her native Mississippi, where she learned the blues first hand from Malaco Records session musicians, to her immersion in the scenes of Austin, New Orleans, and now Orlando – all their musical terroir is in her sound. But those influences, too, have become less distinct in the distillation of Beth’s aesthetic. You’ll recognize the hues if you really wanna parse it. But if you just listen, you’ll hear a sound that is quintessentially Southern. It’s tapped from the roots and rolls like honey.

Advance tickets have sold out, but you can still enjoy the concert. At 8:00p.m., go to and purchase it. Tickets at time of show are $20.00.

Thank you for supporting the arts!