Orilla 10/4/2023

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Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts, 1905 Kentucky Ave, Winter Park

Orilla (O-ree-yah) is a highly creative musical duo co-led by the Catalan-Spanish singer/multi-instrumentalist Ona Kirei and Colombian-American bassist Alejandro Arenas. Their musical philosophy is rooted within the minimalistic instrumentation of voice and bass, allowing great freedom of expression and spontaneity.

Their music touches on a wide variety of styles, and Latino and European roots mix with American culture giving way to a uniquely creative multicultural sound. Tight arrangements and spontaneous improvisation freely coexist in the Orilla musical ecosystem. Orilla captivates audiences with their warm, vibrant, and expressive sound, varied repertoire, and outstanding musical skills.

Visit https://bluebambooartcenter.com/orilla for more about Orilla, and to view photos and videos.

All ticket sales are final. Refunds are allowed only if the event is cancelled.